Youth Cycling Association Breaks Down Barriers for Nontraditional Cyclists in Southern California and Beyond

Media Contact: Jessica Block Nerren – – 909-706-8525

San Bernardino, Calif. – With the Youth Cycling Association official launch on November 12, a new organization rooted in sportsmanship, athleticism, and community will change the narrative of cycling from an exclusive club to an inclusive experience for people of all backgrounds, abilities and cultures 

Youth Cycling Association leverages resources at various levels for kids and teens nationwide ages 6-18 to cycle competitively and noncompetitively, teaching crucial life skills and intentionally addressing the historic disparities in gender as well as inclusion for those who are lower income, people of color, or people with disabilities.

The organization is a bridge between the cycling industry, national governing bodies, clubs and advocacy groups with similar goals of inclusion and diversity. 

“Youth Cycling Association is proud to provide the resources that will help shape the lives of youth from all walks of life. Our organization is dedicated to the success of our youth cyclists, both on and off the bike,” said founder of Youth Cycling Association and Level 1 USA Cycling coach Sean Wilson, Ph.D.

The strong expertise and experience of the organization’s founders will allow the organization to have access to key resources and provide the means to support and implement programs that will aid the growth of youth members of the organization.  

To register, visit to start a Youth Cycling program in the community, district, or to align your club.

This press release was written by the undergraduate students of the CSUSB Comm. 442 Public Relations Campaigns.

About Youth Cycling Association: Founded in 2019, Youth Cycling Association believes every child matters and deserves the opportunity to succeed and thrive. Through cycling, Youth Cycling Association is dedicated to addressing the political and sociological barriers that often cause youth to feel “less than” and can put up institutional barriers between juniors and the athletics they are interested in pursuing. Members are joined by a movement that coordinates and facilitates quality youth cycling programs that promote equal opportunities regardless of color, age, ethnicity, or disability. Youth Cycling Association supports acceptance, youth involvement, acknowledgment, equality, and diversity through the sport of cycling.
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @YCAcycling


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