Junior BikeChat Series

Organized by Katie Burford and Sean Wilson. These periodic online webinars are designed to bring positive energy to Junior cyclists where they have the opportunity to meet with some of the nations top cyclists and people in the industry and win swag from the industry. The sessions cover a wide range of disciplines and topics and are frequently moderated by Junior riders.


American Cycling Development Workshops

Organized by Sean Wilson. This workshop series is designed for coaches, clubs and vested parties, Through series of lectures and discussion sessions the series will highlight the developmental process in the United States, with comparisons made between various programs within and outside America. The group will discuss various aspects to the sport with a goal of generating best practice documents and identifying critical areas of need.

Track Devo Group

Chaired by Pete Taylor and Bob Francis. This working group will meet periodically to work with track programs around the United States to assist them in building their development programs.

2018 UCI Track World Cup, Milton, Canada
Credit: USA Cycling