At our core, the Youth Cycling Association (“YCA”) is a coach driven athlete centered organization that is designed to provide opportunities for young Americans with diverse backgrounds to be involved with bicycling at home and abroad from the start, beginning with their first organized cycling experience.

The overarching mission of the YCA is to develop and facility delivery of quality youth cycling programs that promote an inclusive and positive environment for young women and men, including people of color and those with disabilities. YCA programs will provide access to the joys of bicycling for transportation, recreation, health and fitness, as well as competition. Through cycling, YCA will enhance life skills such as citizenship, goalsetting, and community involvement.

Locally and nationally, the Youth Cycling Association will meet a critical need in America’s current youth cycling environment as there are no comprehensive programs that blend cycling sport with life skills development. We will build community networks and collaborative endeavors that provide access to both non-competitive and competitive opportunities for youth cyclists. Our broad- ranging programs will avail riders of new and existing cycling clubs and activities, as well as provide access to scholastic and extracurricular programs. We are a network of cycling coaches, clubs, vested individuals, along with public and

corporate entities that work collaboratively towards the betterment of the sport of cycling for health, fitness, and competition - fostering and promoting youth cycling and life skills development